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Sharecash alternatives and sites similar to Sharecash (websites like Sharecash ) are listed here so if you are looking for other pay per download (PPD) sites like Sharecash which are legitimate and best replacement or alternatives to Sharecash then you are in the right place. They are not just Sharecash similar sites but also with lots of high paying pay per download.

If you are earning crazy money with Sharecash and looking for other sites like Sharecash or its equivalents in order to increase your earnings then the lists of Sharecash similar websites here are best for you. Similarly, if you are having problems with Sharecash and searching for better alternatives their replacement, the lists of pay per download (PPD) sites below are highly recommended and must join.

Below Are The Best Casino & Betting Alternatives:

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  • As usual, we have been on the internet for the past days searching and researching the whole place for the best alternatives to Sharecash and successfully found a very large lists of its similar websites. Each of the sites found was analysed carefully to determine the ones with the best features that can be better than or similar to Sharecash. We also went into critical observation to know the Best Pay Per Download Sites to be chosen by comparing their features and earning potentials.

    Eventually we were able to discover a very good lists of best Sharecash alternatives we were searching for. Although some of the sites are very popular while some may not be as popular however, they have high payout rate per download and pay legitimately without complaints.


    The best way to earn big with PPD sites like this is to promote your link of sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter or use your blog or website.

    Sharecash Alternatives

    Below are the lists of websites we found which have good feedbacks from their users and are the best Sharecash alternatives currently online.

    DOLLARUPLOADZ is one of the best Sharecash alternatives pay per download site. They are far better in terms of earning potential and all applicants are accepted. The nice thing about this site is that you don’t have to upload your file on their site alone and direct people to there like other ppd sites do.
    All you have to do is upload the file on to your website or anywhere then copy the link and convert it to a paying link on their site. You can also lock your whole site or part of it with their link and get paid each time your visitor gain access through the converted link to your site or file. If you have up to 1000 visitors per day that gained access to your site through their link then you will make a hell of money. If you promote your link on YouTube or Facebook with a lot of visitors you will be making a hell of money here too.
    Their minimum payout is $10 and payment methods are Direct bank deposit, bank wire, PayPal, Payza, Check, Skril, debit card, Payquicker and Solidtrustpay. You have the option of activating instant payment.
    Visit Website HERE

    DREAMCASH has being online and paying for almost 3 years now. It is among the best sites similar to Sharecash with a high number of members. All users are free to join their site, and as a user, you are allowed to upload files onto the site and use their services to monetize your content. This however does not give you the ability to download file from their site without completing offer. They have a lot of members which keep increasing each day. They payout through Payza, Check and Bank Deposit.
    You may click HERE to visit the website. No porn or sex file is allowed.

    Uploadcash is one of the sites like Sharecash that provide the necessary equipment to its members to start earning with them. The uploader will be given all the tools they need to maximize their earnings. Downloaders will be given the best opportunities to complete crediting offers to get to their download faster. They have weekly payout and automatic account approval. The average per download is $0.6. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal, Payza, Check and Bank Deposit.
    You may click HEREto visit the site.

    Astrocash is one of the sites similar to Sharecash that is just like Sharecash. They have ever increasing number of members online. You can upload files needed by others such as ebook, music, video or anything uploadable and downloadable. Share your content, files and link with friends on the web and your money will begin to grow. Their system is fully protected and their developer using the best programming techniques, you can track your traffic with fully informative statistical report dealing with the impressions clicks and earnings on your files. You are paid the minimum of $5 via Paypal, Payza, Bank Deposit etc.
    HERE to visit.

    PUREBITES is another Sharecash alternative that is very similar to the above mentioned ppd sites. It is a revolutionary ppd site using one of the best converting incentive surveys. They have all the tools you needed to make money with ppd such as file, locker, link locker and their gate way system. You can lock any webpage you own. They also provide their members with an ultimate uploading system, works very well with multiple upload. You will see all your statistics on their analytic tool. It just just like the above mentioned ppd sites. The minimum payout is $10 via paypal, payza, check and bank deposit.
    You may click HERE

    to visit the site.

    Filefrost is a revolutionary new pay per download site that uses converting incentives to offer their members good payout. They have tools such as link locker, file locker and members can also lock any webpage they owned. They also provide their members with ultimate uploading system such as multi uploads and analytic tools. 24/7 support, however PayPal, Payza etc are payment method which is bad for PayPal non supporting countries.

    SHAREFILECASH is a new ppd site alternative to Sharecash. Although unlike Sharecash, they have only one payment method which could be a disadvantage for people who are from paypal non supported countries. Upload your files and promote them anywhere on the internet. Visitor complete quick surveys to Download the files and you are paid. The minimum cashout is $10 via paypal, payza, check and bank deposit.
    You may click HERE to visit the website. No porn or sex file is allowed.

    Adfly is a LINK SHORTENER site alternative to Sharecash. Although unlike Sharecash, shorten your link and promote them anywhere on the internet. Visitor just click on your link and you are paid. The minimum cashout is $5 via PayPal, Payoneer, Payza.
    You may click HERE to visit the website. No porn or sex file is allowed.

    Linkbucks is one of the legitimate ppd sites similar to Sharecash. It is a new ppd site with a lot of monthly contests. You can earn an average of $0.08 per click. They have an event running every single month. Increase rates, lower payout limits, and increased referral rates are just some of the things you can expect to see. Visitors can choose to share your file via twitter and Facebook on the download page which can turn that one potential download into hundreds or even thousands. You can cashout your balance once you reach $5 through Paypal, Payza, Payoneer
    You may click HERE to visit the site. As usual, no porn or sex content is allowed.

    We hope the above list of sites similar to Sharecash will be of great help to people who really want to make money online through pay per download sites. And we assure you that all the above mentioned ppd sites have made several payments to their members. Although, there are still more ppd sites like Sharecash which are not listed here because we were unable to verify their legitimacy. We will keep you update if we find out more about them, so make sure to visit this blog regularly.

    Please do not hesitate to make use of the comment box below if you have any question or opinion about the above listed Sharecash Alternatives

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