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Payperinstall alternatives and sites similar to payperinstal (websites like payperinstall) are all listed here, so if you are searching for other pay per install sites like payperinstall that are legitimate, and as best replacement or alternatives to payperinstall, then you are welcome! They are not just payperinstall alternatives but also popular and high pay per install networks online.

If you are earning huge cash with perperinstall and searching for other websites similar to payperinstall to or its equivalents in order to complement your earnings, the lists of alternatives sites below are the best for you. Similarly, if you are fed up with payperinstall and searching for better alternatives for replacement, the lists of pay per install sites below are highly recommended and a must join.

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  • Here, our team of pay per install experts have searched and researched the whole web to find the best pay per install sites alternative to and were able to find a very good number of them. So if you are interested in sites similar to payperinstall, you can browse through the websites below to select the one that suits you best. They are listed based on the highest paying downwards.

    Payperinstall Alternatives

    Perinstallcash is one of the best sites alternative to payperinstall. In fact is currently they pay very high than any pay per install networks online. They offer stunning software products and you run a website that generates traffic – why not merge their efforts to earn more money! Place their promo stuff at your website. Once your visitors download software installers and run them, they will be offered to install advertising software. The more offers your visitors accept the more money you receive.

    Software traffic
    Get best conversion ratio on software portals with any of our softwares.
    Download traffic
    Make use of our file downloader or landings for download traffic: enjoy a “100% traffic back” feature and get paid for installs!

    Movie traffic
    Are you running a movie portal? Use their landings for movie traffic for earnings going through the roof!

    MP3 traffic
    Make the most of your MP3 websites with landings, banners, download buttons, dynamically generated banners and even more stuff!

    YouTube traffic
    Looking to monetize YouTube videos? Your visitors will certainly love their handy YouTube video downloader!

    Any traffic
    Yes, you can convert virtually any traffic! Install their ultimate content locker on your website and enjoy the ski-high revenues!

    You can order a payment at any time if your balance exceeds $10. They have 30 days hold, which means you’ll get your money after 30 days since your order is approved. Get paid via EPESE, WebMoney or PayPal. A must Join

    Payperinstallbucks is another sites like payperinstall. They have been online and paying without problem. It is a new generation pay per install site where you are allowed to promote high quality free software and get paid for each install. They pay up to $1.1 per one free installation and you get paid for over 120 countries! This is probably one of the highest rates in the pay per install affiliate programs business! This PPI program is suitable for Download traffic. They offer promo tools like banners or direct download links. You will get your payment via Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Paxum, once you reach minimum amount of $50. Their software products are 100% clean and safe for your users, no malware/spyware in. is one the best pay per install networks that every advertiser and publisher use of online. it is among the sites like payperinstall. The network works exclusively with top advertisers that you won’t find anywhere else online. Their current lockers have some of the highest conversion rates in the pay per install industry. Say goodbye to traditional pay per install network, say welcome to Cashmylinks. They are all about high quality not quantity and they strongly believe in simplicity and that is why their system is so easy to use and make money with. With just a little click here and there you are able to integrate their content lockers, if you want to use that instead, no problem, they will give you offer links that you can use on your own content or software. Just place a single link on your content locker and you are set up. They will help you take care of the rest. All publishers are welcome. The payment ways are Paypal, Check and Bank Tranfer and the minimum payout is $50 which is paid on monthly basis, Net 30 to be specific. A must join.

    Media-kings is good payperinstall alternative. perhaps one of the best download affiliate program. While others’ ecpm may be lowering, theirs is only getting higher! They offer you a new partner program for download (and not only) traffic. There affiliate program – the only one that has a direct contracts with advertisers. Competitors work through resellers. Each of which cuts off a piece, as a result, the webmaster gets quite a bit. Why are they good? They have a lot of own traffic and they use it actively to make your earnings higher.

    CPAgrip is a well known pay per install networks on the web. A good Payperstall alternative site online. The website offers multi-screen cross solution platform that includes advanced and innovative tools for discovery, delivery, distribution and monetization. Their experience when combined with their innovative technology brings about state of the art platforms. Here you are allowed to earn via Pay per install and content locking. It is a very big network that lots of software developers and advertisers use on daily basis. The payment methods are Paypal,Payza, Check, Bank Transfer etc.

    Appflood is another pay per install network that gives publishers great alternative to traditional advertising. Just sign up, choose your promotion or offer, place the clickinstall code on your website or inside your software set. The payment ways are Check, Bank wire or Paypal.

    Sterkly is another pay per install network where anyone that owns products that are downloadable such as game, browser app, mobile app or other software can potentially work with. Their methods of earning are pay per install, affiliate and display inventory. The website serves up to billions as impressions a month on the top news, entertainment, sport, lifestyle and social media sites. Paypal, Check and Bank transfer are the payment ways.

    They have landings for everything: for books, videos, torrents, filesharing servers, and even images (this is a new issue). Come in, sign up, try it. They pay Net 30, once a month. You can earn extra money by referring people – They pay 10% from all sales made by referrals. They pay for leads. This is variety of events that bring you money: installing software, sales, display advertising. As a result, one USA install can bring up to $ dollars a month. All traffic, except: gambling, adult, botnets. Registration is available through invites. You can get invite from their support manager, please look for the contacts on their site.

    Solimba is a site like payperinstall. it offers developers and download website owners access to network of advertisers and set of powerful tools. Through this you can be able to gain revenue for you software that was install by their users.

    Skymonetizers is another good payperinstall alternative online. Members can monetize their download traffic through the use of their download manager. They can monetize every install from any countries of the world. They help their members to monetize the download or install website in a better way to help them earn revenue. After setting up of account users can join hundreds of affiliate that are already working with them.

    The minimum cashout is $50 and the method of withdrawal are Webmoney, Epese, Epayment, Paypal, Payoneer, bank wire etc.

    Amonetize is pay per install site similar to payperinstall. It provides multi-screen cross platform solution with advance and innovative tools for discovery, distribution, delivery, and monetization. Their innovative technology in combine with their expertise in the field introduces the state-of-the-art platforms.

    Optimuminstaller is a website like payperinstall that has been online and paying for every install your visitors make. You will earn money for every download made by presenting relevant offers during the installation process of your apps. It pays good as well, and also helps to optimize conversion, reach new users, and achieve broad distribution for you apps and browser add-ons. The website offers perfect tools to help grow and monetize your apps’ user base. It also help the advertisers to distribute their apps, toolbars, and browser extensions through their extensive partner networks and exclusive distribution channels.

    Somotoic is another payperinstall similar site that was founded in 2009 by experience web and shareware industry entrepreneurs that recognized software developers and publishers day to day struggle to gain distribution and revenue. They have been in the par per install industry for long helping thousands of developer and websites owners to generate income for their traffic. It introduced a network of 500 million sponsor-apps from tier-1 advertisers with the end users from every part of the world. The website can professionally tailor a monetization or distribution solution for every software and website.

    Installmonetizer is among the pay per install websites like payperinstall online. It helps developers to earn money offering good quality advertisers to end-users during the download of your software. The website is backed by software investors such as Dropbox, zynga etc. The payment methods are Prepared cards, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Check.

    Payperinstall is a pay per install networks of bundles freeware and shareware programs with software advertisers under a pay per install model. Members get paid every time someone installs their softwares. Only experienced affiliate marketers with established distribution channel who can generate quality leads are accepted. It can be annoying to work with this site.

    Opencandy is a pay per install network known for it pioneer of good quality, dynamic apps installer ads. They have been in the pay per install business for almost 6 years and offer the platform and tools you need to monetize your software. You are paid via Paypal, Check etc.

    Betterinstaller is pay per install network that pays to install softwares just like Payperstall. It has simple integration, users can easily wrap any installer. Deep integration is available for Nsis and Innosetup installer to suit your specific needs and their platform is a all browser friendly. It cloud computing reduces the cost to you and provides the required independence.

    Adknowledge is a site like payperinstall and a digital advertising technology company that specialize in helping demanding clients to get their ROI from their digital media spending, in a brand safe way, at scale. It runs media campaigns in the quickest growing high volume and the most complex area of digital advertising such as video advertising via Youtube and Native, mobile apps distribution, social advertising, emails and audience development.

    We shall keep you update for more lists of sites like payperinstall, you may bookmark or visit this page regularly for more. Wish you all the best in whichever network you choose to join among the listed payperinstall alternatives.

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