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Paidverts alternatives and sites similar to Paidverts (websites Like Paidverts ) are listed here so if you are searching for other sites like Paidverts that are legitimate and also good replacements or better alternatives then you are in the right place. They are not just only sites alternative to Paidverts but also with a lot of high paying offers and earning potentials.

If you are making a lot of money with Paidverts and looking for other sites like Paidverts or its similar sites in order to complement your income then the lists here are the best for you. Also if you are having problems with Paidverts and therefore looking for better alternativesto replace them, the lists of websites below are must join for you.

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  • As a tradition, we have been online for the past few days searching and researching the whole internet for the best alternatives to Paidverts , and was able to find a very large number of it similar websites. Each of the sites found was analyzed thoroughly to discover the ones with the best features that can be better or similar to Paidverts . We also went into full details to know the best paying sites to be chosen by taking a closer and critical look at each site’s earning potentials.

    Finally, we were able to discover a very good lists of the best Paidverts alternative sites we have been looking for. Although few of the sites may not be as popular as others and you may not have heard of them before but they have a lot of high paying offers and pay legitimately without problems.

    Tips and Warnings:

    1.The best way to earn big with sites like this is to join as many similar sites as possible. At least 6-7 sites are okay, and always make sure to click ads everyday, do other offers. Note: It is not against the rules and regulations to join more than one sites.

    2. Make sure to always clear your cookies or browser history before moving on to another site so as to get paid when you complete the same offer on different sites.

    3. Use their referral programs. I have seen a lot of people who earn more than $500 per month on referrals alone. For more details on how to earn with referral and tips on how to get lot of referrals you may visit gpt sites referral tips.

    Paidverts Alternatives

    Below are the lists of websites we found which have good feedbacks from their users and are the best Paidverts alternatives currently online.

    Clixsense is one of the most popular and largely talk about site. They are the combination of both ptc and gpt site features. It is regarded as one of the best ptc sites online with unlimited ads. Members can also make money via ptc, surveys, offers and tasks too. You will earn more money when you upgrade your account to premium. The minimum cashout requirement is $8 via Paypal, Check and Paychu.

    Superpayme is a site similar to Paidverts with a lot of daily surveys. It is also the combination of PTC sites and GPT Sites features such as surveys, paid to click, offers, tasks, videos, paid to search etc. The cashout methods are Paypal, Payza, Neteller and Gift Cards when you reach the minimum of $1.00. Payment are made instantly and all countries are accpted. A must join

    Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward sites like Inboxdollars. With over 9 millon members online. Here you will make money taking surveys, shopping, searching the web a lots more. The payment methods are Paypal and Gift cards.

    Fusioncash is another popular sites like Inboxdollars. They have been online for a very long time. only USA, UK and Canada are accepted. Plenty ways to make money available. Payment ways are Paypal and cheque. Simple! You just register (for free) and pick your favorite way of earning cash. They have paid surveys, paid videos, paid radio, paid to click, paid tasks, cashback shopping, paid to search, and more. Then, after meeting account and balance requirements, you request a “cashout” of your balance and get paid by your preferred method.

    Vindale reward people for sharing feedback with consumer brands. Our members get real money for taking market research surveys. And companies get real feedback from their most important customers. It’s a win-win.
    Over the past decade They’ve expanded their paid survey community from the US to the UK, Canada, and Australia. Their family of offerings has also grown, and today includes paid surveys, product testing, incentivized email marketing, and more.
    They encourage new and potential members to reach out to them on social media to learn more about upcoming opportunities. Or take a spin through this website to learn more about what they do.

    MindsPay is an internet site that compensates its members to test out products, services and give feedback on those tested. MindsPay organizes the information needed from several advertisers and wraps it to show to the public. From your answers, MindsPay will separate the opinions from members and report back to the advertisers. At this time, only US citizens are allowed to register.
    After registration, you will be shown a list of available offers. Simply choose the offers you’re interested in taking. Plus, when they receive new offers, MindsPay will then send invitations or PaidMails, out to members who may qualify for that study.
    MindsPay processes 100% of payments by PayPal. Members will need to have a US verified primary PayPal account to be eligible for payments. For more information regarding PayPal, please visit

    Offernation Making Money Online is easy with Offernation They provide, PTC ads, Free Paid Surveys and Worldwide offers to help you earn cash working online. Work with one of the best PTC, GPT, Paid Survey sites to get access to fast payments and great support. They pay you cash & points for completing daily offers, Clicking ads, taking paid surveys, paid trials etc.
    Get paid daily via PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon. Get Paid the same day you earn cash online!

    Rewardingways is where you are paid to click ads, complete surveys, pay per call, paid to signup, complete offers and tasks. You are paid instantly for every money you earn. The payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Skril, etc. A must join

    Squishycash is one of the top legit sites with a lot of earning features. The earning ways are surveys, paid to click, offers and tasks etc. You are paid every time you reach the minimum cashout of $20 via Paypal, Gift Cards. Quicker payment can be activated with a fix fee.

    Buxp is also Paidverts alternative and has the feature of gpt and ptc sites. The minimum cashout is $6.9 and cashout methods are Paypal, Payza and Gift Cards. You cannot cashout if you do not click at least 50 ads per for every cashout.

    Cashnhit is a ptc site that members earn money with via ptc, paid emails, tasks and offers. Paypal and Payza are cashout methods while minimum cashout is $1.

    Zoombuck is a legitimate gpt site and also a good Paidverts alternative. Members can make money through Paid to click, surveys, paid to search and offers etc. Zucks credit are given to you for every offer you you complete and the zucks credit can be converted to cash and cashout via Paypal and Gift cards.

    Dollarsignup is a site like Paidverts and have been online for the past 3 years paying without issues. It is the combination of ptc and gpt site features. The cashout requirement is $0.50 and the methods of withdrawal are Paypal, Check and Payza.

    Points2shop is a very popular site similar to Paidverts with over 6 million members. All countries are welcome with equal opportunities. It has lot of of high paying offers and surveys and the minimum cashout is $0.50 which can be withdrawn within 24 hours via Paypal, Check, Dwolla and Gift cards.

    Getpaid is also among Paidverts alternatives with similar features. Here all international members are welcome and given equal opportunity. Members can complete daily surveys, offers, tasks, videos etc. For every survey or offer you complete, you will be credited with coins which are usually converted to cash and cashout via Paypal, Check, Webmoney, Neteller, Perfect money, Western Union Money Transfer, gift cards etc. The minimum cashout is just $0.50

    Treasuretroopers is one of the oldest and most popular sites online and a very good Paidverts alternative site too. They also have lot of daily surveys and top paying offers but usually meant for members from USA, UK, Canada. Here you can participate in treasure hunt game that worth $100 per winner. The payment methods are Paypal, Check and Gift Cards.

    Cashcrate is seen as one of the top paying websites like Paidverts . But the site is mainly for USA members who are given the highest paying offers, If you are from USA then Cashcrate is a must join for you. You are capable of making more than $45 per day if you know your way around. Make sure to watch the tutorial video to be able to master how to complete every available offer. The payment methods are Check, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Dwolla etc. You are given $1 as a sign up bonus.

    Inboxdollars is a top gpt site similar to Paidverts . They have been online for so long and paying without problem. Members can make money through reading of email, filling surveys, searching the webs and trying new offers. The payment method is Check and the cashout minimum is $20.

    Sendearnings is similar to inboxdollars. Infact it is owned and controlled by the same person who owns inboxdollars. You can make money on the site by reading email, searching the web, trying new products and offers. The payment methods is Check which can be cashout when you reach the minimum of $30.

    Swagbuck is a very nice website similar to Paidverts and a very popular one too. You are paid with their own virtual currency called swagbucks which can be converted and cashout via Paypal and various gift cards you can use to redeem items on their retail stores. The minimum cashout requirement is $20 and you have the option of donating your earnings to charity of your choice.

    Surveysavvy is a very popular site but not exactly like Paidverts . It is a survey site that sends surveys that worth $5-$10 per survey to your email box. All you have to do is register on the site, confirm your email and complete your profile. Make sure you complete your profile, and do it with correct info because surveys are sent based on your profile info. After completing your profile, always check your email inbox everyday for surveys invitation. The payment method is Check.

    Meprizes is a legitimate site and among the sites similar to Paidverts . Although they are legit, there have been a lot of complaints about the site marking their members account as “Cheater”. If you decide to join them please do not login with another country’s ip address.

    There are more sites that are similar to Paidverts which are not listed here because we could not find a enough evidence to verify their legitimacy. We will keep you update whenever there is a new development so make sure to bookmark this page or visit regularly.

    We hope the above listed Best PTC Sites sites will be of great use to your online income. Wish you all the best in which ever sites you choose to join among the Paidverts alternatives.

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