Best Adfly Alternatives

adfly alternatives

Are you looking for Adfly alternatives? Here are the lists of legit paying url shortening websites alternative to adfly. So if you are in search of  best adfly replacement, then this post is for you.

The lists of sites here are not just only adfly alternatives but also filled with plenty of features and exciting high earnings potentials. So if you are making good amount of cash from adfly and looking for its alternatives to boost your earnings or you are having problem with adfly and looking for alternatives site to replace them, you are in the right place because here you will have the best lists of adfly alternatives you have being looking for.

As usual, we have rummaged the whole internet looking for adfly alternatives and found a very good lists of them and analyzed all that made them alternatives to adfly, taking a closer and critical look at all their features such as pay per 1000 clicks, ad delay time, easy to earn, payment proofs, statistics, tools, website widget, side bar ad, members complaints, minimum payout, instant payout and payment methods.

We were able to find a very good list of sites after pruning them to into a short lists of best and better alternatives.

Below are the lists of adfly alternatives, they are arranged started with the best paying website downwards. Each alternative site is briefly explained so if you need more info, you may click on the name for a direct visit.

Linkbucks is a very high paying and popular url shortener online, they are a great rival to adfly and also the best adfly alternative. If you joined this site as a replacement for adfly, believe me you would be grad you did. It is the very best url shortener I have ever seen online, they are so concerned with their members that they always consult them for opinions and desired features. The payment methods are paypal, payza and payoneer, and the minimum cashout is $5 which is paid instantly into your choice account.

Ad7 is a paying url shrinking service with a twist. You will have a real time statistics with revenue reporting. Many tools such as mass shrinkers, easy links, website plugin etc. You are paid whenever a visitor clicks on your link and view ad that appears for 5 seconds before they proceed to the link destination.  The time delay is so short that your visitor would not mind waiting and get what they wanted. Payment methods are paypal and automatic cashout to your account when you reach the minimum of $2.

blvme is a CPA link locking service. Not another CPM shortener. Every link you shorten with their service will be “locked” every visitor who wants to see the contents of your original link will need to complete a simple action (complete an offer eg survey or pay a small amount) in order to gain access. For every visitor who complete an action and continue to your actual link, you generate a “lead” and you get commission which can be anywhere from $0.10 to $10. </p>

Ad5 is an innovative url service that let members to make money through each traffic to their short link. They are paid for every traffic that click and view advert on their short url. If your visitor country does not have an advert, then your short url will automatically turned to referral link and you can get referral without  if knowing it. The payment is automatic to your payapl account once you earn up to the minimum csahout of $0.5.

ppw is another adfly alternative and also a new paying url shortener. You are paid every time a visitor clicks your link and view ad for 5 seconds before proceeding to their destinations. Their payment methods are paypal, payza and payoneer. The cashout minimum  for paypal is $5 while cashout for payoneer is $10.

Bcvc Is an modern innovation url shortener with a lot of members. Just like other link shrinker, you will earn through clicks on your shorten links. They are a legitmate website just like the rest of sites here. Members are paid through paypal and the minimum payout is $5.

Coinurl Is another top url shortener you can use to replace adfly. You can use their short link or website code which you can place on your site and earn each time there is a visitor to your sites or you may use the short link which works like other short urls. They pay their members through bitcoin and the minimum cashout is 0.01btc.

Cashyourfiles-Is adfly alternative that pay through paypal , check, payoneer and bank deposit. The minimum cashout is $5. They are a new website that operate as both url shortener and pay per download. If you like to combine the two features then I will suggest you try them out.

Cashfly is a legitimate adfly alternative site like other url shorteners, it is a service that pays members when their shorten links are clicked. they will either view a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click “skip” ad and continue to their destination or be navigate to the destinations page with an added banner or if using action ads will be asked to perform a simple action such as installing a web plugin or like something on the social media page. You can cashout through paypal and check.

ReducelinkIs another nice adfly alternative site, here there is no limit to the amount you can earn just like other. You are paid within 24 hours of requesting for payment and the payment are done through paypal and payoneer and the minimum cashout is $5 and $10 respectively. is one of the adfly alternatives, they have a code that can be used on your site to generate earning each time there is a visitor.  There link can also be used on social media sites such as mypass, blogger, Hi5 etc. The cashout minimum is $0.5 through paypal.

We hope the above alternatives sites will be of great use to your online income via url shortener, we will keep you update whenever there are more discoveries, until then, we wish you the best on any of the sites you choose to work with.

As usual, do not hesitate to use the comment box below if you have any question or opinion on the above listed adfly alternatives.