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Limeproxies alternatives and sites similar to Limeproxies (websites like Limeproxies ) are listed here. So, if you are searching for other proxy sites like Limeproxies , you are in the right place. They are not Limeproxies best similarity or alternatives but also the most popular and highly regarded proxy websites ever on the internet. Whether you are in search of Limeproxies best options, similar sites or alternatives, you are highly welcome.

A good VPN, or any other type of proxy, provides a number of more benefits. Regardless of whether you make use of a VPN, which utilizes a protocol like PPTP to encapsulate your packets securely, an SSL proxy, a Socks proxy, or possibly a simple web gateway (which does not actually provide you with any encryption) each one has a number of features that resemble. The fundamental principle is usually that the server is relaying those packets for you, and stripping the originating address. Rather than your personal IP address, they only see the proxy server’s IP. Which also means if you connect while using previous example, instead of thinking you are in Seattle, every site you connected to will think you might be sitting right here inside the Dallas corporate office.

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  • Of course, people use proxies for other reasons as well. For instance, if you are trying to access region-restricted content. For example, someone in Canada trying to see Hulu content won’t be able to, because Hulu restricts videos to U.S. users only. But if they connect to a U.S. based proxy first, they will bypass that restriction. Exactly the same thing applies if you reside in the U.S. and want to see BBC content through their iPlayer. You would need to connect with a UK proxy to do it.

    However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using proxies. First, remember that while a proxy server will provide you with security and anonymity, the proxy itself has to decode your traffic to send it through. This means it can see everything you’re doing, unless you use SSL connections. So you need to trust it. A lot of people use TOR, which is a free anonymity network run by volunteers, or some go to underground channels to get so-called “private” proxies, but the problem is you never know if you can trust those servers. It may end up being worse than not using a proxy at all.

    Popular commercial services base their business on providing this service, so personally we have more faith in the lists of proxy sites here. Don’t think of using them for criminal acts however, since they do state clearly that they cooperate with law enforcement if you go over the board. Because again, the proxy server is the one party that knows what your real IP address is so it will be easier to g trace your location.

    Also, using some proxies websites will typically slow your connection down, since you’re basically transferring all your data to another location around the world before it goes out to the Internet. As you attempt to connect to various proxy servers, you may find very big differences in speed, so it’s a good idea to try them out. Whether you want security, anonymity, or both, proxies provide a good way to surf the net.

    Just don’t worry, our team of experts have searched and researched the whole world wide web to help you find the best and most reliable and trusted proxy sites like Limeproxies and were able to discover a very good number of them. They are the only Limeproxies alternatives highly regarded online and have been mentioned on popular websites and TV stations such as CNN, BBC, Forbes site etc. So, they are not just proxy sites but the biggest in the industry.

    Note: If you are really serious about hiding your online identity using proxy servers we highly recommend that you go for the paid service. The free service are okay but unreliable and risky. They do not last long like the paid service.

    Below are the lists of Limeproxies alternatives

    Hidemyass is a proxy site that you can use to access videos from any country, bypass online blocks to access foreign content like a local. Get to websites back home when you’re abroad. And bypass government or workplace censorship of sites like Facebook, Gmail, twitter and YouTube etc.

    Evade hackers
    Enjoy complete security, even on public wifi connections. Prevent hackers stealing your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details. And protect your device from malware, phishing and spam sites.

    Surf privately
    Conceal your personal information and your location (IP address) online. Protect your data from snooping by your internet service provider. And prevent websites you visit targeting you with manipulative prices and messages.

    How Their VPN Service Compares
    VPN (vɪ-pɪ-en, noun) A Virtual Private Network – a way of using the public internet like a secure private network. A VPN encrypts your data and routes it through remote servers, keeping your activity, your identity and your location private.

    With servers in 193 countries, blocks on accessing web content abroad melt away. Other VPN services can slow down your internet connection a lot. Theirs keeps it snappy. Just download, choose your virtual location from across the world, and secure encryption begins.

    Unlike other VPN services, Limeproxies can be used on many devices at the same time, including mobile phones, tablets and games consoles. Customer support when you want it, by internet, chat and phone Find out how quick their service is before you buy. If you are really looking for the best proxy service online, then Limeproxies is the place to be. They have been mentioned on several occasions on popular sites like CNN, Forbes, BBC etc. and also used by popular figures as well. Limeproxies is highly recommended. Free Service and Paid Service available.

    ipvanish is one of the sites like Limeproxies that earned high praise in the call for contenders thread for its speed while connected. How they manage to do it is impressive… Another reason for the popularity of IPVanish is its extensive variety of servers… IPVanish will respond quickly and connects to your desired server immediately you launch it. It doesn’t break networks like some other VPN services…
    They are tier-1 VPN network, meaning faster and more stable speeds for you. No more video buffering! IPVanish is one of the the best ways to protect yourself from cyber threats and unsecured wi-fi hotspots. Simple point-and-click software for all your devices. It offers secure connections to 25,000+ IPs on 180+ servers in 60+ countries. You can access the web virtually from anywhere in the world. Free Service and Paid Service available

    Overplay is among the Limeproxies alternatives committed to protecting you no matter which of your devices you’re using. If you’re using Windows, Mac, iOS, Droid, Linux, or a custom router, OverPlay has you and your data secure. Control your internet connection. Their high speed network allows you to keep watching what you want without the fear of throttling or buffering by your ISP.
    Their content availability is determined by your location. OverPlay’s SmartDNS puts you in control of your location so can you access the content you want.
    There’s no complicated software installation or elaborate manual configuration to worry about. You’ll access blocked content in minutes with OverPlay SmartDNS.
    Your ISP uses deep packet inspection to spy on your internet traffic and slow your speed. OverPlay VPN prevents both ISP throttling and inspection.
    Don’t let cybercrime ruin your life. Encrypt your connection with OverPlay VPN. With blazing high speed bandwidth you’ll leave the crooks out in the cold.
    All known geo-trackers such as online marketers, search engines and websites, can’t use your true location when your IP address and location is hidden by their VPN. Free Service and Paid Service

    Proxylist – is proxy site like Limeproxies . They have been online and working without issue. From simple web site it becomes wide spread and popular proxy recourse. The key to their success was proxy list update frequency – as lows as 10 minutes. BUT from the beginning the website was designed for beginner and regular users (mainly for downloaders). That is why it does not have some very important options for advanced level users. Of course it contains only working proxy servers but with average speed and low uptime. They are good if you are using proxy servers time to time… Free Service and Paid Service

    Myprivateproxy is one of the top proxy servers just like Anonfox. Their private proxies support Twitter and Facebook marketing tools, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter and many more. No X-Rummer or mailing! All our proxies are anonymous, support both HTTP and HTTPS protocol and require authentication so they can be used only by you. They offer unlimited bandwidth on 1,000Mbps connections and also guarantee that all the proxies are ready for operation 24/7/365
    Best value for money on the market, proxies plans to suit everyone’s needs. They guarantee that their proxies will work for you or you get a full refund within 3 days. Upon purchase, your private proxies are activated instantly! Proxies are hosted on extremly fast 1Gbps, XEON servers with 8GB RAM. Free Service and Paid Service

    SmartDNSProxy is another Limeproxies alternative with a secure DNS Proxy service to unblock websites, global video & music streaming services. Unblock US websites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC or music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify just natively happens when you use Smart DNS Proxy. There is no connection or disconnection needed as in VPN. It’s much faster than VPN and works with any device; PC, MAC, SmartTV, Xbox, PS3, Router, iPad, iPhone or any Android devices.

    Smart DNS Proxy has fast & secure DNS servers. You simply need to change your DNS IP address in your device to Smart DNS Proxy Ip addresses. So then all your DNS queries will go through our secure dns network.

    They also have servers globally in any country to route you the proper traffic you request through their DNS. So even if you live in Europe and want to stream from USA Netflix site, our DNS routes your query to the proper US netflix servers and you are able to stream from Netflix properly. The same with any other site. All Smart DNS Proxy servers are secured and encrypted. There is also no logs in their network so all your queries are anonymous. Paid Service only.


    Unblocker The Key To Open Information, they are the answer to open information, utilizing their services, you can unblock any restricted resource to perform your personal studies. Freedom of the internet is their priority to guests so they aim to make most websites suitable for a proxy service. You can now cloak and handle how much data your computer leaks to sites. It’s extremely easy to disguise your Ip, prevent nasty scripts running and reduce intrusive advertisements. It’s been their business for many years to provide dependable and effective privacy software, it’s been a long developing process that will continue. Free Service

    FastUSAproxy is a free, secure and stable web proxy service. It’s never been easier to protect your internet privacy using their easy to use anonymizing tool. When you use their web proxy, all of the websites you visit are forwarded through their dedicated server and returning to your pc so that your Internet protocol address has never been exposed. You’ll have the option to improve your security level by selecting the appropriate settings. Free Service

    NewIPnow is yet another top proxy site where you can use their IP addresses to control your web identity: Explore the web anonymously using their shared, public IP addresses, Change your location through our geographically diverse servers, Secure your browsing history using their URL encryption scheme, Start fresh with a brand new IP any time as part of their multi-ip browsing service. Free Service

    Hiddendigital is a proxy service that lets you browse any site free of limitations. You can now access any blocked website out of your workplace or school. Going through both of them keeps you anonymous from the websites you visit and allows you to bypass any network limitations from the government, workplace or college.
    Proxy means freedom, that means, now you can bypass everything, open Facebook, Mpspace, watch Youtube, anything you want, their free web proxy can help you stay anonymously and protect your identity. On top of that their services are free of charge, therefore you also save money. Free Service

    Anonymizerhas a universal software that keeps your online activities safe, private, and secure. With Anonymizer’s personal VPN service, you can connect with unlimited bandwidth & speed access Wi-Fi hotspots securely, surf sites discretely and anonymously, prevent identity fraud view online content without censorship mask your real IP address & location, unlike other VPN providers, they feel that what you do on the web is your business, so that you can trust that Anonymizer will never view, track, or keep logs of the websites you visit. Free Service

    Blackhatproxy is a glype script web-based proxy, their service enables you to bypass filters and firewalls to unblock websites. The proxy is completely free and anonymous. Just type in the address of the website you want to access & click Go! You can see any website even if it’s blocked by your country, work or school. Free Service

    Hope the above sites will be of great use. We shall keep you updated on more proxy sites. You may visit or bookmark this page for a quick visit. You may use the comment box below to tell us what you think about the above listed Limeproxies Alternatives.

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